About AYOS

Ankara University Examination for Foreign Students (AYOS) is taken by foreign students who want to receive a bachelor’s or associate degree from Ankara University or other universities in Turkey which recognize the AYOS scores.

Applications for the AYOS are submitted via the Internet. The AYOS has been regularly conducted each year in May or June since 2011. The AYOS 2019 will be held on May 12, 2019, Sunday and conducted in Turkey (Ankara, Bursa, Istanbul, and Izmir) as well as in Austria (Vienna), Azerbaijan (Baku), Belgium (Mons), Germany (Munich and Cologne), Georgia (Batum), Greece (Xanthi), Qatar (Doha), and Turkmenistan (Ashgabat). The examination starts at the same time in each country and it is conducted in one session.

The “Basic Learning Skills Test” of the AYOS aims at measuring applicants’ ability of abstract thinking and reasoning and their knowledge about letter-number-shape relation. The test also includes questions which require applicants to use their basic mathematics knowledge and skills, and which measure their numerical skills. Instruction parts of each question in the test are prepared in Turkish and English.

The detailed information about the AYOS is available in the “Examination Guide for AYOS 2019”.